Monday, 21 May 2018

An odd day

Yesterday was a bit strange.  Bright sunshine in the morning meant we all packed suncream and were looking forward to a picnic lunch.  By the time lunch came, it was pouring with rain accompanied by a cold upstream wind.  Almost as soon as everyone had eaten their rather soggy quiche, it brightened up again to lead to a lovely afternoon.

Joan G with one of 3 she landed yesterday
I am not sure if that is why catches felt a bit flat all day but I doubt it helped.  At Middle they landed 53 fish for the day with catches fairly evenly spread although Julian T was perhaps the standout rod with 8 from Upper Fortress and Beach. 

Regular blog readers will know that we have a very hard working rod at Middle and he had 18 for the day which is perhaps the best indication of the run of fish that we have this year.

Graham J on the Mall - despite dropping water it is still a high river
At Kitza I know that they landed 14 for their first full day of the season.  Whilst communications are improving daily here on the tundra, I still could barely make out what Ollie was saying and so I don’t know the breakdown of that or how far upstream they were fishing – details for this evenings catch up I hope.
Jim A who may just have enjoyed his day...
At Lower we totaled 24 for the day with Graham J the top rod with 6.  I know that sounds pretty good fishing to 8 rods but in truth, I thought we would catch more than that.  Water temperatures are now at 10 degrees and my suspicion is that a lot of fish are running the middle of the river which we can’t quite reach yet. 

Marc W on Heli
This is a week which is normally hosted by Michael Evans and he always reckoned that there were always a few days when the river hadn’t quite dropped enough for the fishermen but had for the fish – it would seem that yesterday was one of those days.

However, as I am typing I have just seen Sue C land a fish from Larder and as she said over the radio, “normal service is resumed”

Charlie White

Sunday, 20 May 2018

A round up

Last week was a classic opening week.  High water with catches improving every day and bigger fish being landed. 

So bright it dazzled him...
Lower fished well on Friday and we finished with 91 for the week.  Not epic by Varzuga standards but still a great week.  Middle had another very good day but fell just short of the 400 mark.  392 really good fish to 11 rods was a fantastic result and it was clear in Murmansk that they had all really enjoyed it.
One from Peartiha
It was very smooth through the airport yesterday and everyone was in their respective camps by around 2pm.  After a very early morning start in Helsinki, many were quite tired but most had a crack at the river.
Jonatha B on Moscoi
At Kitza, the first 5 fish of the season were landed whilst at Middle they had 11 for their short afternoon.  At Lower we had 5 on the bank as well as a rod broken whilst playing another fish.

Fish have been landed this morning across all of the camps although a very cold morning probably didn’t help productivity and it was ones and twos rather than more than that.

Rob T with another lovely fish from Clarks
It was very bright first thing but it is now rather overcast and so we hope that the first day of the week is set up nicely.

Charlie White

Friday, 18 May 2018

Last day of the week

It shouldn’t come as a surprise by now but time really does fly up here.  It seems minutes ago that we landed with our first clients of the season and were faced with a very high river. 

The ice break date was about perfect but warmer temperatures than we would expect in early May led to all of the snow in the tundra melting into the river over just a few days rather than just a few weeks.
Ken L with a cracker from Upper Sviats
It is difficult to tell as there are so many ways to measure the river but when I look out of the office here, I would reckon that the river beside the camp has fallen by about 15 feet over this week – things really do happen quickly in the Russian summer.

Robin M on Beach
All of which has led to an improving situation day by day and I had hoped that yesterday would be the first day that Lower would really get in amongst the fish.  It didn’t happen quite like that although I am not sure why.  We saw plenty of fish and an awful lot were hooked but in the end only 20 were put in the record book.  Jonathan B had 6 of those whilst Tim T had 5 for his morning session and then called it quits on the basis that 5 was enough for a day.

Jonathan B on the beginnings of Bear Island
I went up to Middle Varzuga for dinner and found a team reveling in the conditions.  They had landed 71 for their day taking them comfortably over the 300 mark for the week – 400 is the target for today.   Brian M had a stunning day landing 15 fish with 8 from Peartiha and 7 from Birthday. 

A happy team at Middle
Oddly, not many fish are being caught from the home pool so practically all of the fish that have been recorded have been in “office hours”.  I suspect it is still a bit high and lower water should bring Generator and Bear into order.

Andrew T with yet another for his week
It is a very warm and very bright day today but everyone is determined to make the most of the last day and breakfast was a pretty short affair.  No blog tomorrow as we fly to Murmansk very early but I will round up all of the scores on Sunday.

Charlie White