Monday, 9 July 2018

2018 Varzuga season review

2018 will not go down as one of our more stellar years but finding reasons as to why that should be the case may be harder than it looks, although being fishermen, it will not stop us trying!

The ice breaking at Lower Varzuga
Every year we await news from our Russian partners about the ice break and state of the river and after the disappointing reports we endured in 2016 and 2017 (ice breaking too early followed by the ice break being massively delayed) it was with considerable relief that our advance team got to the river to find “normal” conditions a week before our first clients where set to arrive.

The first heli of the season coming into Lower Varzuga
The river was still frozen at that stage but nothing we have not seen before and with temperatures warming up it all looked good.  As it transpired, whilst we had ice coming down the river for the first day of fishing, we were into fish immediately although Lower Varzuga took longer to get going as the water was bank high and access was tricky.

Ken L with a cracker
A final score of 392 to our 11 rods at Middle set a very good benchmark for the first week of the season and with some noticeably bigger fish being landed, it looked as though we were set for a bonanza.

Jonathan B on the beginnings of Bear Island
It didn’t work out like that.  Whilst we continued to land some cracking fish, it became abundantly clear that the grilse run just was not in evidence. 

Gareth C at Middle
I was based at Lower Varzuga for its 4-week season and every day there would be something that made you think “here we go, they are here now” such as someone landing a good number in a session on our lowest beat or seeing fish suddenly appearing to fill up the home pools but every time these proved to be “false hope” events.  The initial euphoria of seeing the river in perfect ply turned into concern that, with perfect conditions, the run of fish that we would expect just hadn’t materialised.

Jamie H who never stopped smiling all week
It is easy when you are on the Kola to get a little insular and wrapped up in the daily drama of life in the middle of nowhere.  One person struggling on the river feels like a personal tragedy whilst someone suddenly reporting that they landed a hatful of fresh fish feels as if all is right with the world and nowhere could be more fun.  As is often the case, the reality is somewhere in between.

Jim A down at Beach
Our season was nowhere near as productive as we would expect or hope for.  Having said that, we still managed to record over 2,400 fish in our books over our 7 week season. 

Our very own Lynsey Mair having fun on the river
It is not for me to say what is good and what is not good fishing but I do believe that figures like that, in what we can all call a disappointing season, do point to a river that is generally extremely productive.

Rob T on Clark's
It is a magic experience to be up there and the focus on numbers of fish landed don’t really do the whole trip justice.  The helicopters, isolation, peace, fun, laughter and a feeling that the rest of the world doesn’t exist for a week is something that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.
All of us know how lucky we are to call our time up there “work” and we hugely enjoy sharing it with our clients and understand that it is thanks to our Russian friends that it is possible at all.

Laughter is never very far away
As the rest of the world is discovering, the Russian nationals on the ground couldn’t be more hospitable and being able to see that first hand is genuinely uplifting and tends to make a mockery of what we read in the newspapers. 

People’s expectations and hopes of what their week will produce, in terms of the numbers of fish and the overall experience, varies from individual to individual but fishing in Russia is something that everyone remembers for a very long time.

The sun sets on another season
We will of course be going through our strict first right of return policy but if you would like to have more details for our 2019 season please do not hesitate to contact me.

Charlie White

Friday, 29 June 2018

Kitchen Party

Last night went just a little bit, slightly Turbo! An overcast day certainly created some action but mainly for Sean M. He landed 2 fish, one from Clark’s and one from Green Bank.
Sean M with a great fish at Clark's
To celebrate Sean decided that he would create a kitchen Party and with little resistance from anyone else he took down Gordon B with him. One thing I can be sure of is he won’t catch any fish where he is this morning!

Another for Sean M
Despite tough fishing conditions we have had a wonderful week here at middle. We have a reduced team but the team is still working hard.
Middle Camp by air
Jana, Natasha and Ura were set to painting detail yesterday. Millie and Luda have separated the over stock and Mischa has now taken the last of the extra supplies back to Varzuga.
Painting detail
It’s easy to think lightly of all these jobs but without our wonderful Russian team we would literally have no way to look after our clients. It’s a heavy debt we owe these hard working and ernest people.
The morning after
Today we have rain, the river has only dropped 2 inches and is down to 13 degrees. Let’s hope to end on a high.
Over stock
Jack Selby

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Stumped by the sun

Yesterday remained true to it’s 4am start with building heat and bright sun. Never a great mixture for fishing. The water temperature came up and the fish had sun in their eyes all day.

Paul P hard at work
The Fantastic Four seemed less than fantastic when they arrived back last night having fished very hard indeed all day. They had covered pretty well every pool they could and were very keen to double check today’s forecast still remained.
Despite a blank day Paul P and Sean M headed out into the cooler evening air and fished hard after supper. Sadly it was not to be.
Floors and doors up for repair
This morning we have cloud, a little rain, air temperatures below 20 degrees and some impressive confidence. Fingers crossed for a change of fortune.
Cabin 5 with a new shiny floor
Mischa and Ura 1 have been busy repairing the client cabins with renewed floors where needed, repairs to doors and they have rebuilt the guide team’s deck area. Previously if I leant on the balustrade it was all I could do not to go over. Now it’s a work of art.
New guide quarters deck area
Hopefully the cloud will make all the difference today and the dedication of this intrepid team will be rewarded.

Jack Selby