Friday, 1 July 2016

Anyone for a swim

Yesterday was scorchio again. It did not seem to stop Paul R from a very serious day landing 3 fish and losing the same. Julian S also landed one up river. We took lunch up river and fishing had been tough but everyone was on good form. The water is skinny now and so we sent Donna by boat and waded up ourselves.

Gordon B's fish Peartiha

One of our member has had a fish every day so far and so the pressure is on today (Not mentioning any names). Gordon B had a fish this morning on a Green Highlander that was remotely guided by Terry. Last year Terry told Gordon of a rock far out on the true left channel of Generator. Gordon extended his leader and his cast and sure enough this morning it worked. Well done Terry.

This mornings fish

Yesterday Paul R also took a slight spill in the river. Not enough to fill his waders but enough to dampen his arms and front. However clearly it had the effect of gently releasing his auto inflate life jacket. About ten minutes after he'd recovered his composure it suddenly went off mid river and almost sent him back into the drink. Therefore Oli carefully rearmed it last night whilst sampling a little Malt... For quality control purposes you understand.

Post supper rearming

Another wonderful supper a la Donna

Jack Selby

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Finally a Sunset

Another day of scorching hot weather meant the previous days success was not repeated sadly. With water temperature between 18 and 19 degrees Celsius and similar air temperature the fish were avoiding too much movement in case they poached. Ian B as always started his day extremely early with a fish from the top of Generator before anyone else was even awake (possibly before some were even asleep)

Gordon B's fish from Tuesday

Paul R caught a fish from Party in the afternoon and Dominic M had a smashing take from a very silver 4lbs trout which was jolly lively? Perhaps a sea trout? So 2 Salmon for the day.

Stewart S fishes the top of Party as the sunsets

Last night it was very still but we took Dominic M and Stewart S out for a post supper hitching session. There were fish bouncing in the neck and tail of party but none wishing to take part in any boat activity. Dominic M hitched like a demon but with 10 degrees of air over 18 degree water it was easy to see why they did not play ball. But as the motto this week has been: "You never know"

Dominic M and Stewart S paln the evening attack

Lastly with all the excitement of Penry A's big fish (estimated 6-7kgs or 13.2-15.4lbs) I was unable to mention Gordon B's magnificent pike. Whilst we are all about catch and release here the Russian kitchen utterly adore a fresh caught pike. I wonder if I can get Donna to cook up the next one...

Kitchen (Russian) fish

Jack Selby

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

What a beaut of a day

At lunchtime yesterday we had 1 fish (as far as we knew) from before breakfast and none of the lower rods had touched a fish. As I sat with Oli in the scorching sun we lamented the fact and worried about the chances of more than 5 fish for the day. How little we knew.

Safely in the net

We ended up on 12 fish; Julian S with 4 fish and Paul R with 4 also. Ian B and Gordon B held up their impeccable record up river and early morning. Penry A put his first score on the board and here is where I am breaking my own code. I have always thought the pictures on the blog need to represent the scenery, wildlife, camp life as well as grip and grin but this is a special exception.

That is a very serious fish

At lunchtime Penry told me his guide Ura was determined that their fly boxes contained nothing small enough. I dished out some of my rarely touched Iceland doubles but with the weather as was it was likely to be the morning before they really came in handy.

Safely released by Penry A

Down at Party Penry hooked into a fish with a Green Metalica and Ura and Pat A came to help with the battle. They netted the monster you see in these images and for the pure delight in Penry A's face I am only including fish pictures today... Well and one hand shake!

Happy client - Happy guide

Jack Selby