Friday 30 June 2017

Mixed day

Firstly it seems there is an issue with the BGan or the operator/instructor. Either way we are unable to receive images from middle camp. Luckily everything else seems to be running very smoothly. I was talking to Toby late last night about the all important close down notes. What a contrast from last year. Toby reports that all the new engines are in very good condition and no chips or dings. "The big boat needs a starter motor" is about all he needs to note down.

Yesterday morning turned bitterly cold and consequently the morning's fishing was slower. Around lunch time the sun came out and the clouds cleared entirely. This time last year I was where Toby is now praying for overcast conditions to cool the water temperatures. None the less the warmer weather had a good effect and the team managed to land 19 fish. Without exception all the rods took to the Generator pool after supper and Dominic M managed to entice 2 more to the bank.

The other thing that is astounding is the mosquitoes have arrived. As Toby said "seven weeks in the Russian tundra and they only show up on the very last day." That is pretty good going although I think I would happily swap 2-3 weeks of mosquitoes for the 2 weeks watching a frozen river at the start.

This morning there is a little cloud but mainly blue sky and warm. Stewart S had an early start this morning with the intention to catch his first fish on the hitch. He achieved this with ease so big congratulations. Once hooked on the hitch it's very hard to go back.

I guess this is my last report until the season round up. It has been a strange and wonderful, interesting and emotional, challenging and enjoyable year. You cant just go back to Russia with a thought, the only way to relive that moment is to go back there every year and experience it. It does not matter how many people ask me about my trip, no one who has not experienced that amazing environment can truly understand the draw and the appeal.

Jack Selby

Thursday 29 June 2017

Short takers

Yesterday the weather never really changed. There was heavy rain forecast but this may have remained inland of Middle camp as they enjoyed overcast and light showers only. However either rain in the tundra or Tuesday's rain meant the river was up about 4-5 inches. This did not hamper fishing particularly although might have had something to do with the short taking. The team landed 25 fish.

Paul R and Gordon B were up river and Paul estimated he had hold of or offers from 30 fish for the day and only landed 7. He lost quite a few and had quite a few tugs and then nothing. Whether this was down to fish running hard on the rising river or maybe a bit of cooler water coming in making them less aggressive we can only speculate.

Dominic M had another lovely day landing 7, 6 of which were landed from Peartiha. He told Toby that he had caught more by the end of Tuesday than any other week he has fished. I'm very pleased for him indeed.

Last night Paul R decided that enough was enough. Inspired by the Bear and at one with nature and the animals he stalked and caught a fish with his bare (Bear) hands. Quite why it let him do this I'm not sure but he was jolly pleased. I've not heard what the Salmon thought of the whole thing.

Toby is in the process of sending me images so I will update when they arrive.

Jack Selby

Wednesday 28 June 2017

2 Day Catch Up

Having thought we had the satellite data sorted out yesterday saw heavy rain and wind and Toby was unable to get a decent connection under cover. His test emails would come through but any detail or images failed. I have spoken to him this morning so am updating two days in one and have finally managed to receive some images.

Nice smaller fish for Paul R
Monday was over cast with showers. However the river was still good to us and air temperature stayed warm. The team landed 22 fish for the day. Richard G got his first fish in Generator which was alive with fish on Monday night. He was jolly pleased that it was bigger than any of his fishing partner's fish.

Sunsets are always utterly wonderful at this time of year
Gordon B fished down through Fortress with a bomber and nearing the bottom he raised a fish off the rock. It came several times for the fly but never committed. Just about to move away to snake pit he popped on a hitch and the fish smashed it straight away. So glad there is finally some surface action.

Lovely fish released
Yesterday was heavier rain and a cold wind. None the less the river has not risen but has stopped dropping. Our intrepid team put in the hard graft and landed another 22 fish for the day. Gordon B and Paul R are now fishing exclusively full floating lines and having the same success as before.

Camp from the air, still very little green
Last night a bear visited the island in search of some scraps. Mischa chased it away, a spectacle in it's own right, and the dogs were active in keeping it at bay until the early hours. Today it is grey and overcast with light rain so far. There are still no Mosquitoes with 2.5 days left of the season. Staggering!

Jack Selby

Monday 26 June 2017

All but the tech

This morning my images are going to be a medley of the season so far right from the really cold early days. Toby is struggling to get a decent satellite data connection at middle. I'm hoping we have found a way to sort this but for now I have no current images to report.

Right at the start this was all that was not frozen
However the fishing has been jolly good. Including the first night the party have landed 42 fish. Yesterday was lovely sunny weather and the water temperature was around 11 degrees. Thus where the river is deep and fast the heavy tips still won the day purely to counter the flow of water but where it is a bit slower intermediates have been the order of the day. On top of this Paul R landed a fish on a full floating line in Generator.

Toby and Matt back from the first few casts
Last night Paul R caught a very respectable fish. Toby pressed him for an estimate as he was not overly keen to put a figure on it but guessed around 16lbs. Paul tends to be pretty honest if not a little modest about these things so this could well be accurate. He has a picture I believe so lets hope it gives some perspective.

Slight set back in week 1
Stewart S and Dominic M both had good days yesterday which I'm really pleased about. Last year they had tough fishing because the water was too low and they fished really hard and well. I was out hosting them and really felt their pain. This year Dominic M has said to Toby that he has seen more fish moving, landed or lost in one day than in 2 weeks over previous years. I hope he keeps up with his great start.

Last week on Kitza with the green finally pushing through
This morning the weather is overcast and light rain. There is murmuring from the guides that tomorrow it will be heavy rain. Having said that we had some good days last week at Kitza even on a rising river and one thing I know about the team at middle is they will work hard what ever is thrown at them.

Jack Selby

Sunday 25 June 2017

A pretty lovely week

Yesterday was pretty full on. I was awake at 4am when the Russian kitchen party broke up. Breakfast was over in a flash and we were loaded into the helicopter on the way to Middle camp. We had a good flight to Murmansk and after a slight delay said goodbye to Russia.

Richard G fishing beat 5
 Middle on the other hand is still at it. After all rivers reporting a slow afternoon on Friday, yesterday the three chaps still at middle landed good numbers of fish with Paul R and Gordon B sharing 10 between them. Coupled with an early helicopter arrival yesterday was a good day at middle and with a fast dropping river things could be very promising today.

Kitza team photo
Last week at Kitza we landed 80 fish which considering the water rise was pretyy good going. Middle landed 182 and Pana 171. All very respectable figures and with very few grilse being caught it begs the question what would Pana and Kitza be like next week?

James D hoping to get a nice fish to the net mid river
Toby reported in this morning that the weather is fine and river dropping. Coupled with some dedicated fisherman today should be good.

Jack Selby