Monday 1 June 2020

Varzuga 2020

It was with some inevitability that we have had to cancel the entire 2020 season on the Varzuga but inevitability did not make the decision any less heart breaking.

We run a very short but very intense season and we know it is the annual highlight for many of our clients as it is for us and our Russian partners.

We have always had a very close and respectful relationship with our friends in Varzuga village and it is the long term mutual support that is best demonstrated in tough times.

Despite already having paid for all of the proposed helicopters for the season and the annual costs of being ready for our programme, they have offered all of our clients a 100% rollover to next year – a very generous gesture from a far from wealthy village.

The village itself is under total lockdown which effectively means, that when we go back next May, the salmon won’t have seen a fly for two years – a thought to keep us all cheered in a difficult time.

We look forward to being on the river in 2021 and reacquainting ourselves with wonderful friends, stunning countryside and thousands of silver salmon – the time will fly by.

Charlie White