Friday 24 June 2016

Sudden change in the weather

Yesterday proved again that it's not just the upper beats where the fish are willing to take the fly. Richard D and Tim S took fish just above camp including a large cock fish from Simmon's. Up river Neal S and Lloyd G had a fish each. One first thing and one at 10 minutes to 6 pm. Peter D and James F also had one a piece for the day.

Tim S's big fish from Simmon's

Last night during supper there was a very marked change in the weather with a sharp drop in temperature and some relatively stiff up stream wind. This has certainly produced a new hope for today and was a likely factor in the party ending quite abruptly last night.

 Lloyd G with one to the net

Neal S's fish carefully netted

Down at Kitza they landed a respectable 8 with, as is the norm, the bulk of fish being landed by Jose FM. In fact 6 of the 8. He's clearly doing something right. Pana had terribly hot sun during the day and decided to have a long lunch and fish later so no accurate score yet but they had 5 by lunch. I hope the warm water and sudden drop in temperature did not hamper their plans.

A little tying

Jack Selby

Thursday 23 June 2016

Reel Deep

Whilst wading deep, John C hooked a fish that took off for the nearest obstacle. In trying to free his line from round the rock his reel came detached from the rod and plunged into about 3 foot of water. Unflustered John continued to play the fish with just the line whilst Vovo fished around with the net eventually reuniting the rod and reel and landing the fish. Great team work. The upper most beat landed 3 fish and they lost a fourth. Hugh S also had a notable day with 3 fish to his own rod.

Hugh S with another fine fish

After Pana's healthy 12 their fortunes have been less favourable with 2 fish yesterday added to the book. Kitza also landed 2 fish yesterday. We at Middle Camp managed to total 8 fish with the bulk of fish caught either first thing or as the cloud rolled in about 3pm. Interestingly whilst hitching has produced some interest and small silver hooked yellow and gold flies seem to be showing well in the sunny weather a few fish have been taken on a sunk line in the deeper water also.

A great fish for Hugh S

Donna's bank side lunch was a roaring success and delicious to boot. We mitigated the bugs with a nice roaring fire. Everyone had a steady snooze on the rocks before returning to battle with the river.

Donna's Bank Lunch

Morale is high despite unexpectedly tough results. Last night James F braved it for a cast post supper but whilst a few fish jumped off the point of the island nothing snatched his fly sadly.

The bottom of Bears at "Sunlow"

Jack Selby

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Birthday Party

As I type the sun is here once again. Yesterday tried it's hardest to cloud over but burned off and was very sunny. Up river seemed to be the place to be for middle. Having said that Pana really struggled with only one fsh for Guy R from honey pot. Kitza landed 7 respectable fish considering the conditions.

Delicious Curry

Down here at middle we continued to pick away with 8 fish landed and fewer fish lost. Weather may have been a big factor but without doubt it's not alive with fish this year. If this was Iceland I would be urging people to book for next year as lightening rarely strikes twice. Oddly we saw quite a few fish jump in the morning before the sun really got strong and all appeared to be fresh. Unfortunately I seem to be the kiss of death for clients to catch fish and so yet again I have a camera full of images of casting, lunch and guides.

Meet Rick

Last night in camp we worked out that Donna could easily be bringing lunch up river so today we are going to mobilise and get back to traditional lunches. I will at least be there in body but I think the spirit was killed whilst I attended Natasha's birthday party last night. I had assumed she was 23 but turns out we are the same age and the years have been a lot less kind to me. Luckily they were not really drinking and it seems I have just done a number on myself but have won some favour with the home team for trying...

Vova - Wonder Guide

Jack Selby

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Up to the Hitch

Yesterday heralded a stark change in the weather. Bright sunshine from lunchtime certainly slowed the afternoon for most. James F however came close to a bonanza with 2 fish lost conventionally in the morning and 1 landed for 5 on in the afternoon fishing a hitch.

Homeward bound

Pana had good fortunes with 12 fish including 3 fresh fish and down at Kitza 7 fish were landed including 3 for Ed B. We totalled 10 with another notable pike which did not make the kitchen unusually.

Delicious risotto al la Donna

After supper I attempted to take a team back out on the river but there were no takers. I soon saw they were wise as the still night brought out the Mosquitoes. Oli battled on whilst I wimped out to my pit.

Might be only me that's excited about the abundance of up winged flies.

Jack Selby

Monday 20 June 2016

K9s in Camp

Our first day went well. The team were rained on pretty much all day. Added to the fact that a lot of people took an early bath/swim; camp was fairly buoyant last night. The Banya was fired up which most people took full advantage off. The Scottish contingent started a Vodka night movement that carried on until the early hours and everyone left camp this morning feeling a shade worse for wear.

Fishing the inside line

Yesterday I set out to the top of the beats on foot. Apart from a few spots the river is really easy to trot along at this height. It was very evident that the bulk of fish were higher up river which was slightly borne out by catches. Hugh S had one up at the top but an early finish due to a swim. Tim S and Richard D had a lovely day with Tim landing 3. James F caught 2 fish of which one was fresh and 30 inches long. Great that fish are still trickling in fresh.

Rooster Tail

Pana landed 5 on arrival day and then 5 yesterday with everyone getting the skunk gone already. Whilst not epic fishing they are close to level pegging with us. Kitza landed 6 fish with three to Jose FM.

Picnic time!

Camp life this morning seems busy (maybe because of last nights Vodka) but luckily the camp "bear" dogs are taking it easy. It's lovely to have them in camp and they are jolly friendly and keen for an ear scratch. Oddly though they often bark at me so perhaps to them I resemble a bear!


Jack Selby

Sunday 19 June 2016

Week Ending

This last week has been tough on the river with catches steadily dropping off. However, if the numbers for Middle camp are looked at, we find that 12 rods caught 140 fish. This is not even close to what we normally expect but still an almost 12 fish average for the week is respectable fishing for Atlantic Salmon and it was with a heavy heart we said goodbye to the out going team.

Restful bank picnic

Life in camp has been good this week and whilst we always look forward to meeting new groups it's always great by the end of the week when everyone has really got to know each other and become part of the family. The river remains navigable by boat and the fishing in general seems to have been better further up. Today is a new day and yesterdays downpours may well have freshened things up and moved a few fish here and there. We await today's results with bated breath.

Grappling time

Heading out on Saturday morning all went smoothly with quick helicopter transfers. Murmansk was positively balmy with many new and returning clients over dressed for the occasion. A few obligatory drinks in the bar and out to the Helicopters with a positive outlook. On arrival to middle everyone quickly tackled up and had a pre-supper cast. With an upstream wind and intermittent downpours everyone was happy to come in for  Donna's delicious supper and James F at least had shaken hands with a fish, however briefly.

Dam Busters' return

Down at Kitza Jose FM caught the first fish of his week on his very first cast. Moreover it was reportedly a good fish in the 8-10 lbs class. What a great way to start. Let's hope things keep up at that level.

Heading out to MMK in style

Oliver Shuldham