Thursday 10 June 2010

A tricky day

Sometimes we have to accept that the salmon will win on the odd occasion. Yesterday was one of those days and for whatever reason it was a tough day to catch fish. As you can imagine, we are not short on theories!

Konrad S with his first fish from the Varzuga, having already done well at Kitza

Here at Lower, Ian E was the top rod with 4 fish and at Middle the same number was landed by Egide de B, much to his delight, in amongst the 42 that the team had between them. At Pana they had 23 between them whereas over at Kitza, 13 were landed with our American friends showing everyone how it should be done. They went out for an hour in the morning, both caught a fish and then decided to call it a day – ultra cool was the word on the radio.

Sabacci rapids now look ideal for a skated fly

After yet another feast from Jenna, our team here decided against fishing but Jessie, the manager, went out for an hour or so and landed one as well as losing one. He got a couple of fish to come to the skated fly but with our water temperature at about 8 degrees last night they were not totally committed.

It is warmer now with a gentle breeze so hopefully the odds are now back in our favour and today will be a day where the rods come out on top.

Charlie White