Sunday 12 May 2013

Let the Fishing Commence

Our first guests touched down 20 minutes early at Murmansk airport, we were soon on our way to camp and we were on the river for a bonus few hours fishing by 5 p.m. with a later dinner at 9.

Middle Camp yesterday - Generator, lower right, looking perfect
I know I have written the same comment for the last three years – but it really is great to experience the enthusiasm shown by the first guests as they get out of the helicopter and stroll (actually, it is more of a sprint if the truth be known) to look at the un-fished river loaded with spring salmon.

Here at Lower Camp we were quickly off the mark with Alan J landing the first fish in Heli Pool. Matt L and Robin M both had their first ever salmon, in fact Robin landed three in a busy hour in Larder and lost a couple. We had nine on the bank by dinner and although it was a mild evening, and we could have gone back out, we called it quits and hit the sack ‘reasonably’ early after a little celebration.

Alan J getting off the mark
At Middle the eight rods had 18 salmon before dinner with most coming off the lower section of Generator. Bear has some big ice walls on it but is fishable although only produced a couple of fish last night, but it will improve as we get progressively more access to it.
It started raining last night and today is pretty damp and grey, it is forecast to stay this way for the next 24 hours. The water height was steady overnight however I would expect some sort of rise over the next day or so. The water temperature continues to remain around 4⁰C which is perfect for this time of year. We caught fish on floating lines with intermediate tips yesterday evening which was encouraging. The text book would dictate a medium sinking tip but in this slightly lower water than normal it seems less important to get down really deep.

Robin M with his first salmon
As I type, at the dining table with a great view over the river, I have half an eye on Michael and Alan guided by Feodor on the opposite bank in Larder. Feodor has been quite active with the net so I guess they are doing well. I’ll update you tomorrow; in the meantime I think we might have a productive week!
Christopher Robinson