Wednesday 8 May 2013

Supplies and Stuff

A warm bright morning, turning to heavy rain this afternoon, topped off by a chilly evening and brilliant sunset. We spent the day continuing the season preparations. Hugh, Sasha and I went up to Middle Camp to find Misha and his team hard at work on the cabins and camp.

Ice Walls
Thankfully the flood only reached just over the level of the floors in the main lodge and cabins; so no serious damage done and things are drying out well. The ice bergs parked themselves on the edge of the Island, luckily not in camp, but leaving some very impressive ice walls in places – the good news is that Generator looked perfect, we were itching to give it a cast or two but time did not permit. Honest!

Generator clear of ice
On the way up we witnessed the arrival of the pair of Fish Eagles that nest near the Island; mobbed by a pair of Ravens they swooped along the river seeming delighted to be back in their summer quarters. On return to camp this evening the first Pied Wagtail had arrived. The first big stone fly hatch happened this morning – just how these little birds time their arrival to the day defeats me. No Arctic Terns yet, they are due any day to feast on the smolt run having completed their annual 17,000 km round trip to Antarctica.
Hugh and Jamie drying out electrical kit
The river was a touch up today and is now at 4⁰C - Feodor the Head Guide at Lower Camp went out for a couple of hours and had 5 springers and lost a couple.  He had a great day as he then boated home with a shiny new 90HP jet out board that Glenn had fitted for him. A very happy man!

Sunset last night
As I type this up at breakfast time Jamie has just walked in with two cracking silver 8lbers from Heli Pool caught on fast sinking tip and large bright fly, we kept one fish to go into gravadlax for next weeks guests. The water is up 12.5 cm (5”) overnight and steady at 4⁰C.

Christopher Robinson