Tuesday 7 June 2016

Fly out

Yesterday was not so much a tale of two halves but rather a tale of one quarter.

We struggled somewhat at Kitza, Pana and here at Lower.  I am not really sure why as it was a fishy day, we saw plenty enough fish to give us encouragement and everyone was fishing hard but it just didn’t come together.

Victor B on Wires
At Kitza they landed 12 fish with James H and George R accounting for half of those with 3 fish each.  I would like to blame the previous night’s party but I think that would be slightly unfair.  A family crisis has meant that one of the team has had to fly home and we wish him our very best.

Pana had an OK day but it was really nothing more than that.  19 fish were put in the book with everyone contributing fairly evenly.  They can still access the whole beat but we now have a truck that can drive down to Ponzoi even if we cannot get the boats down there and that will make a big difference to our later weeks.

Barbara and Feoder 
Middle was the quarter I refer to.  They had a great day and landed 66 fish.  Andy B had a fantastic morning on Dunkery and landed 7 from that beat which contributed to a 12 fish day for him.  Hugo M was using his single handed rod to deadly effect and he finished with 10.

The team at Lower raring to go this morning
The greatest celebration however was quite rightly held for 15 year old Colton C who landed his first salmon.  It was a good fish of around 9lbs and by all accounts he played it like a pro.  It was particularly nice to talk to him on the phone last night and to hear again that inimitable excitement of someone who has landed a fish that you know he will remember forever.

And they're off
Here at Lower we had a tough day.  6 fish were landed and a few more lost but it was difficult throughout.  After a council of war with our Russian partners, we have arranged for the team here to fly out to a remoter part of the river today where we hope we can find them a few more fish. Anticipation levels were off the charts this morning and they were all at the helicopter pad on the dot of 8:45 so we hope that they will have a great day.

Charlie White