Thursday 10 May 2018

A warm start

As predicted, this morning is much warmer and last night was nowhere near as cold. We have a sunny outlook and everyone is up beat. The river is high and bringing with it large chunks of ice.

Engines on and boats to the water
Yesterday we got the last of the printing and organisation sorted. We saw Mischa in the evening who let us know that the helicopter was due to arrive today at lunchtime ish...

Evening sky over the Heli Pad
This morning we are getting boats checked and in the water. Millie and I are heading up to Middle Camp after lunch and have everything packed and ready to travel. Bill and Ceri are set for Lower next week and also ready to accept the Kitza cook and manager as they arrive on Saturday.

Blue and high river this morning

The river is looking blue and beautiful with ice chunks flowing down it as we would expect. In all truth everything is looking pretty good and we are ready. It will be a cold start to the week and careful wading will be essential. Layers and fleece will be mandatory. However everyone here is bullish for a good season ahead and we are ready for some guests and lots of fish!

Jack Selby (Operations Manager)