Friday 29 June 2018

Kitchen Party

Last night went just a little bit, slightly Turbo! An overcast day certainly created some action but mainly for Sean M. He landed 2 fish, one from Clark’s and one from Green Bank.
Sean M with a great fish at Clark's
To celebrate Sean decided that he would create a kitchen Party and with little resistance from anyone else he took down Gordon B with him. One thing I can be sure of is he won’t catch any fish where he is this morning!

Another for Sean M
Despite tough fishing conditions we have had a wonderful week here at middle. We have a reduced team but the team is still working hard.
Middle Camp by air
Jana, Natasha and Ura were set to painting detail yesterday. Millie and Luda have separated the over stock and Mischa has now taken the last of the extra supplies back to Varzuga.
Painting detail
It’s easy to think lightly of all these jobs but without our wonderful Russian team we would literally have no way to look after our clients. It’s a heavy debt we owe these hard working and ernest people.
The morning after
Today we have rain, the river has only dropped 2 inches and is down to 13 degrees. Let’s hope to end on a high.
Over stock
Jack Selby