Wednesday 15 May 2019

A fabulous day

Yesterday was cold, wet, overcast and quite miserable – perfect in other words..

The river has started to drop and whilst it is going to be a while before we can fully fish the whole beat, just knowing that the river is going the “right way” is a relief as everyone can start to fully appreciate the fishing.
Mick M with one of 11 he had from Janaways
It made a huge difference yesterday and the fishing was quite simply superb.  Fish were being seen everywhere and action was prolific.

Eskild N at Middle
I went to Middle Varzuga for a delicious dinner and found a team of rods who could not have been happier.  Not entirely surprising as between them they had landed 106 fish during the day.

Guide Vitalie could have looked happier having netted this one...
The extraordinary thing was that everyone was talking about the numbers of fish they had lost as opposed to those landed and it was quite clear that it had been an electrifying day.

Hugh L in the rain
Nick T was the first I spoke to and he said he had spent the entire afternoon playing fish – shaking his head as if not to know what to make of it.  Over dinner, various tales were told and after tallying everything up we found that Nick T had landed 20 fish, Donald S put 17 in the book whilst Paul O’D landed 9 and lost 10 before lunch.  It is fishing as we all dream of and everyone is making the most of it.

Holly, our cook at Middle, with her first ever fish
At Lower it was a similar story and our 7 rods accounted for 46 fish. Mick M had a superb morning and landed 11 fish but the afternoon belonged to Jonathan B and Neil C who landed 15 between them at Janaways.

Sushi from the freshest fish you can find
I got back quite late and found a quiet camp as the efforts are clearly taking their toll but plenty of fish have already been landed before breakfast and the team are absolutely not going to be late to meet their guides this morning.

Charlie White