Wednesday 19 June 2019

Take me up the Indel

It has been scorching hot here. The river has dropped dramatically in the three days since we arrived here at Pana. We have lost 8 inches of water and things are getting rocky in places. That does not seem to bother the Salmon who are merrily running regardless and equally taking the fly.

Yesterday we joined Paul D and Hamish W up river at Ford pool. Paul had two nice fish and then Henry Crawford caught a lovely fish in lower Honey Pot. We have been catching between 40 and 50 fish per day here. Kitza are doing well with all happy clients but due to limited text availability at both camps I don’t have any ball park figures currently.
On Sunday Matt and I had a go at hitching a single on the Indel and raised a couple of fish. So after supper on the Monday Beaney, Henry, Matt and myself set off into the woods. Mark L was going to join but turned in instead, certainly an error. The mission was to get some footage up the Indel. We combined my tele lens with Matt’s camera and video skills and attached a tiny Icelandic style hitch fly on. I was sent into “wade” and hitch whilst Matt filmed. We managed to raise 4 fish, land 2 and film one take. Kind of a big deal.

A slightly shorter blog today as Henry and I have very generously been allowed to join Sasha on the float trip on the upper Pana. There was rain this morning and whilst this won’t change the river levels it will mean cooler air temps and a change is always good in fishing.

Jack Selby