Sunday 29 May 2011

All in camp and with their luggage!

Many thanks to Christopher for updating the blog yesterday as it was a slightly hectic day.

Fortunately we have an excellent partner in Helsinki, Marjalissa, who managed to persuade the authorities that, wild cat strike or not, the plane going to Murmansk had to be treated as a priority. Thanks to her, the problems that we had envisaged and made provisions for, did not come to pass. It was great to see everyone at Murmansk and it was even better to see them with all of their bags!

Keith B with one from the boat last week
Last week was a great week across the camps. Middle Varzuga finished with 795 fish to their 12 rods which will take some beating. It is only fair that I point out that one of our clients had 222 fish whilst Peter W had 112 – amazing numbers of salmon in a week and demonstrates the potential of the river and the perserverance of the rods.

Sasha - the two rods he was guiding had over 300 fish for the week
Lower Varzuga fished beautifully all week. With varying degrees of effort we had 170 fish to the 4 rods. Fresh fish are still coming in and Jeremy C had 6 out of the Wires after supper last night so hopes are high for this week.

Kitza was relatively slow and they finished with 65 to the 4 rods – not at all bad obviously but I had perhaps hoped for a few more. The encouraging news is that they had 7 fresh fish in just a couple of hours last night and it would appear as if the main run of fish is just starting.

Casting a long line at Beach
Our first guests are now at Pana and they also had 7 fish last night from just outside of the camp. The eight rods are all Spanish and with Barcelona’s success, I don’t think that breakfast was too early this morning!

Our new rods meeting the guides
It is very foggy today but the mood in camp is bright and optimistic for the week ahead.

Charlie White