Tuesday 17 May 2011

Mild weather, great fishing

Yesterday was a perfect fishing day. Our first ‘soft’ day after 10 days of early spring weather, the biting cold breeze dropped, cloud cover came in and the air temperature remained above 10⁰C well into the evening. Our guests at Middle and Lower made the most of it, what a great days fishing!

David H at Lower Camp
At Middle camp they landed 99 salmon to nine rods, with the catch very evenly spread between all of them. To date they have fished from Clarkes Corner down steam, below the Yovas rapids which tend to hold the fish up this time of year. I chatted with Hugh our camp manager at Middle last night on the radio, head guide Misha feels that it will soon be time to explore further upstream. I’d like them to go up to Scotts today, but the fishing is so good on the lower beats I’m not sure they will venture that far yet.

Craig P with one of his 26 for the day

At Lower camp we saw the first massive run of fish of the season. The four rods here landed 58 between them with Craig P again leading the way with 26. All the beats are fishing well with the exception of Duck which we have left out of the rotation as it is best in high water. The water level continues to drop slowly, another 1” down over night. It is quite low for this time of year, providing almost perfect conditions for those here now and next week; might need some rain later in the season to keep the level topped up.

Meanwhile in camp Keith has moved his workshop table outside to enjoy the warmer air and Jenna, just back from 10 weeks in Antarctica, is training to climb Mont Blanc in late June, Keith’s container door provides part of our new gym!

Jenna training in our gym/workshop
A great start and today looks good too. Overcast, little wind and the air a mild 10⁰C at breakfast. Craig P had 3 before breakfast in just 30 minutes - you will seldom have seen scrambled eggs go down so quickly as everyone rushed to get out to the boats!

More tomorrow.