Wednesday 18 May 2011

The river settles down

We woke up to heavy rain yesterday, a damp but warm start to the day. Craig P went out here at Lower before breakfast and landed his customary 3 salmon. Up at Middle, Didier F-M managed to bank 7 salmon before his bacon and eggs.

The weather gave me an excuse to catch up in the office whilst Feodor’s faithful camp dog, Karai, sat on the office step looking mournful as the rain dripped on to the veranda. The milder damp air brought on a huge hatch of stone flies. The pied wagtails, now here in numbers, feasted on them. So did my printer and this Saturday's helicopter manifest has half a dozen stone flies imbedded on it. Last week we had mouse droppings in the printer. Such is life up here; close to nature.

The river steadied off; I guess a combination of the rain and the slightly milder air releasing the water frozen in lakes and soil. For those who know Lower Camp,the water is 5” below the top of Sharks Tooth rock. The water temperature is constant at 6⁰C. Really great conditions for Lower and Middle.

Up at Middle they landed 106 fresh salmon for the day. Today Hugh and Misha will send two teams further up to try Pashas and Scotts, we all want to open up those great top beats – such wonderful fishing up there. The run up through Yovas rapids really re-enforces the feeling of being so fortunate to have miles of freedom and space on this wonderful river.

Losha at Bear Island
Here at Lower our 4 guests landed just under 40 salmon, with the guides having a few too. It really is so rewarding for us to see clients handing a rod the guide and saying ‘go on, have a go’. David H gave his rod to Losha for 10 minutes down at Bear Island (our current hot spot) and bingo! Losha landed a great looking 14 lber, straight off the tide. He is still wearing a smile 18 hours later.
Our new accomodation lodge 

After dinner Anna took the guests up to the village where Sviat's legacy is evident in the restoration of the three churches. Well worth seeing when you are here.
Our new accommodation at Lower is a huge success – really comfortable, warm and with great views over the river. No doubt the best on the Kola.

Christopher Robinson

P.S. Mild again this morning. Air temp 9⁰C and water 6⁰C, water height steady.