Monday 28 May 2012

The British weather comes to Russia

After several days of excellent fishing weather it was inevitable that there would be some sort of change before too long. Every time I called England I was reminded that I was missing the best weather of the year but now I can say the same for here.

It was a beautiful day to be on the river but it is fair to say that the morning session was considerably more productive than the afternoon.

Hywel E with a good fish from the Wires
At Lower Varzuga we had some notable firsts with William D landing his first ever salmon in between losing a couple more whilst Harry M had his first Russian salmon. As we all met up at lunch on the river bank it was clear that everyone had had a morning to remember. The afternoon session proved tougher with a strong wind and a fiercely bright sun but with a few fish landed after dinner, we finished with 50 fish for the day to our 9 rods.

William D with his first ever salmon
At Kitza the 10 rods had a slightly slower start to their week with 21 fish being put in the book. 6 of the 10 rods have not been to Russia before and it usually takes a bit of time to get into the swing of things but Richard and Henry P made light of their Russian inexperience to finish the day with 9 between them. They are going to take a picnic down to the White Sea tonight which I know will be a huge success as it is the most magical place to spend an evening.

Harry M and his first Russian salmon
At Pana they boated quite a long way downstream but their first day was not exactly as we had hoped. They did land 6 fish but I had thought that with the rapidly dropping water, more fish would have made it up there. Given our rising temperatures and the amount of fish we have seen at Middle Varzuga it is just a question of when the main body of fish get to them.

Mark M at Bearlets
There were some early risers at Middle yesterday morning and some very late finishers as most rods carried on fishing after the guided hours had finished and several went out after dinner as well. 218 fish for their 12 rods was the final score and all of the rods proclaimed that they had never seen fishing like it. Given that they have all been here before, it is an indication of the strength of this year’s run and with the amount of fish that are showing here at Lower it is obvious that the run is still very strong.

Another very hot day beckons and all of the clients have gone out armed with floating lines, intermediate tips, size 6-8 flies and suncream.

Charlie White