Friday 1 June 2012

The last day of the week comes too quickly

After a bright and sunny start yesterday, we were soon helped by perfect cloud cover and kinder fishing conditions. It was noticeable that as soon as the weather changed, our fishing fortunes improved.

I spent an excellent hour with Bill R in the Heli pool and in that time he landed 3 fish which meant that he had landed 10 fish to his rod in the day. Bill has fished pretty much everywhere and yet this was the first time he had ever landed 10 in a day and it was great to be with him for his own milestone. His fish contributed to an overall total of 54 for the day at Lower and there is no doubt that we lost as many again.

Richard P with a perfectly formed fish
The cooler weather did not deter the Kitza team going to the White Sea and after a quick dinner they took a cooler of drinks and boated the 30 minutes to the beach. They got back at some time past midnight having all enjoyed this magical spot. The Arctic Terns have started nesting down there and the clients had to be careful where they walked if they wanted to avoid being harried by these brave birds. On the fishing front, the 9 rods had 27 for the day with Harry M showing his father the way as he landed 5 fish to his rod.

Andrew WD at 39 Steps pool
The team at Pana had a slightly tougher day due to a very different weather pattern up there. A cold and strong upstream wind did not help their cause but they still landed 26 between the 6 rods. Jose F-M continues to be the star performer and had a further 10 fish to his own rod. As ever, they are landing bigger fish up there and several fish of over 15lbs were landed yesterday with the biggest being weighed at 18lbs.

Bill R landing one of his 10 for the day
At Middle there is a dawning realisation that today is the last day of what will be one of the best fishing weeks we have ever seen. We did not think that we would be able to repeat last week’s figures but we are very close to it and they landed a further 188 fish to the 12 rods yesterday. Paul C landed 30 fish to his own rod which is the first time that he has done that and the team have now sailed past 1,000 fish for the week. It is a reminder of what the river is capable and we are all sad that the week seems to be coming to an end so quickly.

"Not yet" - guide Vova waiting to land one of Rob H's fish
With one more day to go, the rods have set off this morning with great purpose and we hope that their last day is as successful as the rest of the week has been.

Charlie White