Friday 11 May 2012

I’m afraid there will be two short blogs coming up, today and tomorrow, Saturday. I’m going back up to Murmansk this morning with the helicopter, I can buy some last minute bit and pieces and then meet our first guests on Saturday morning.

Jesse and Glenn in the workshop
We went up to Middle Camp yesterday with a huge load of supplies, all was well and in the evening Hugh called us to report that the boats were in the water and ready to go. There is quite a lot of snow in camp, however it is melting fast and last night the temperature did not drop below 4⁰C, the river continues to rise and although we still have some ice coming down we should be pretty clear of the worst of it by the end of today.

Middle Camp yesterday
For this coming week at the Lower and Middle camps we are expecting quite a high river with low water temperatures which suits us really well for spring fishing. It will be sinking lines or tips of various types and large bright flies.

Lower Camp from the helicopter yesterday
Hopefully I’ll be able to post a blog from Murmansk tomorrow morning, and by Saturday evening we will be up and running with both the camps full of eager fishermen. All the guys here are keen to get going, the prep work is done, the river is looking good and there is an itchiness to get serious fishing underway!

Christopher Robinson