Sunday 13 May 2012

The shopping trip to Murmansk went well and amongst much else I found great new Magi-mixes for the girls in our four camps– on return I got a massive thank you hug from Maryke when I delivered it to the kitchen. I am not sure that type of simple generosity works outside the remoteness of Varzuga – I think the girls really want handbags or shoes!

Arriving at the Middle Camp
We had a speedy turnaround at Murmansk airport and were in the camps by 3.30 p.m. – however the weather was really foul – heavy snow and driving wind all day. At Lower we hunkered down in the new, warm lodge and enjoyed dinner; at Middle they had a brief foray to try fishing but soon retired to the comfort of the log fire, content to sit the weather out and wait for better conditions.

Even Kari elected to get under cover
The river has risen considerably over the last 48 hours and is up almost two feet. The rise in water is shifting more ice off the banks and this morning ice flows continue to come past us, it is also still snowing hard and blowing a gale from the north, so I suspect we will wait out the morning and look for an improvement in both weather and river conditions.

Glenn still at work despite the weather
It is great to have our guests in camp, albeit in poor weather, but frustrating that the river is being so stubborn to clear out the ice this year. Bizarrely the first Pied Wagtail appeared on the lodge balcony this morning, always a good sign as they normally arrive with good weather to feast on the first large hatches of stone flies from the river, we just hope that it knows more about the weather than we do!

Our first dinner of the season
Looking forward to getting you some fishing photos when we can. In the meantime we are staying warm and the fly tying bench is occupied in anticipation of better things to come.

Christopher Robinson