Wednesday 16 May 2012

Middle Varzuga kicks off to a good start

If you will forgive the soccer analogy it was a game of two halves yesterday. Middle went out with some enthusiasm after a confidence building day on the training ground on Monday; here at Lower our team morale was somewhat dented by the high and still rising water which started the day stubbornly stuck at 0.5⁰C.
Bear Pool yesterday
Up at Middle Simon P and Julian T won the toss and started on Clarkes Corner, the wonderful pool at the base of Yovas rapids, a classic resting spot for salmon in high cold water. They made the most of it ending the day with a score of 35 salmon between them of which six were around 15lbs.

Team coach, Hugh, reported this morning that they finished with 70 salmon to eight rods at Middle with an encouraging number over 10lbs. Fast sinking tips, short leaders and large flies of around 2”, particularly a heavy’ish yellow bodied Willie Gunn, doing most of the damage.

The Lower Camp kitchen team
I cannot I’m afraid report such a healthy score for Lower – Jesse had great hopes that his team might out-fish Middle, but it just was not to be. The water was still a touch murky with the ice, albeit much less of it, knocking dirt off the banks. Brian Anderson was our hero of the day with a hat-trick, three nice fish from the upper part of Green Bank.

Heli Pool this morning
The river rose all yesterday and, after a mild night, this morning it is up another 4” or so. The good news is that the water temperature has not dropped and remains 2⁰C. So it is still all to play for and the Lower team left promptly in the boats at 09.00 to see if we can do better today.

Another Sports Report tomorrow.

Christopher Robinson