Friday 21 June 2013

Beat Number 5

At Kitza yesterday there were two notable fish amongst the 24 the team landed, the first being a lovely sea-liced 10lber caught by Jose M L in Upper Beaver Pit (one of eight he caught yesterday). We seldom find sea lice on our fresh run salmon until mid-June but from now onwards, and particularly when Charlie will be back up here in September, they are quite common; the White Sea is just too cold for them to multiply in any numbers until around mid-summer.
Peter J with one on the small skater
The second fish of note from Kitza yesterday was the largest of the season, estimated at 18lb – 20lb and landed by young Jamie (aged 12) from Kitchen Pool after a nerve wracking 30 minute battle. There are some photos which, time permitting at Murmansk tomorrow, I hope to download onto the lap-top.

Jo and Daniel
Pana reported 27 salmon last night, Andrew C M was top rod with 7 fish from Lansdowne through to Ponzoi.  The radio reception was poor this morning so I do not have an update on that but it is good to hear that they are still getting down as far as Ponzoi and I hope they manage it again today, their last day.

Here at Middle the salmon were just not in the mood and we struggled a bit to move them. We ended with 14 salmon landed with the catch pretty evenly spread and no obvious leader on the board. Under a bright, bright sun we tried all sorts of tactics including switching back to intermediate tips and small brass tubes, Red Francis and Snaeldas etc. Peter J had a frustrating time that summed up the day, losing four on the trot fishing ‘slow and deep’ in Dunkery, then landing two on a tiny skater with a single handed rod, then in the evening losing two more at the net in Generator fishing pretty conventionally with a floating line and small brass tube.

Hugh and Myriam at a Beat 5 lunch last week
This week we have had a beat rotation at Middle Camp with five beats and five pairs of rods, the pairs moving down one number each day. Beats 1 and 2 are in Yovas at the top and much sought after, however Beat 5 includes Generator (one of the most productive pools and easy wading) and, as a bonus rather than a pic-nic on the bank, the pair of rods have lunch in Camp. Everyone loves Beat 5; great fishing with the prospect of a really good lunch and then a rather leisurely afternoon in Generator and Party Pools where the wading is not likely to be too much trouble if that extra glass of wine has been consumed.

Maryke, Francis and Tim S at yesterdays Beat 5 lunch
For our last day this week we drew lots for the Beats, all hoped for Beat 5 and it went to James and Jo. Good news for Jo who has been nursing a really sore throat and heavy cold all week; this morning he said, with the true focus only Norwegian salmon fishers have, “now I go fishing”. He is the sort of person who might get on the helicopter tomorrow in his waders. Maryke has their beers chilling in the fridge and is preparing a delicious quiche and salad. It looks very good indeed I think I shall declare myself a ‘Camp Administration Morning’ and join them for lunch!

Francis and Misha, one from Birthday Pool yesterday under a blazing sun
Tomorrow we go to Murmansk fairly early, I look forward to resuming normal blog service on Sunday.

Christopher Robinson