Thursday 20 June 2013

Kitza fishing excellently

Kitza had another wonderful day yesterday with 49 salmon to their eight rods, well out-fishing (again) the other camps. Jose L A led the score board and was delighted to land 13 for the day, 12 of which came from Third Island down to Old Dam. The water height continued to rise during the day and by the evening radio call was up 2.5”. Tom reported fish throughout all the beats but said they were a bit more concentrated in pockets and if you found them you did well.
James F (right) and Daniel
The team at Pana had 19 salmon for the day, nine of them coming from Ponzoi and five from the float trip, again not a vintage Pana day but all were happy to be doing better than the previous week.

At Middle Camp the rise in water started to steady off by the end of the day and we had hoped to really get stuck into fish but for some reason it did not happen and we ended with 19, level with Pana which pleased them up there. The upper section in Yovas did not produce the usual numbers but on the other hand the lower beat around Camp did really well; Jo and James had four each, including a brace from Party Pool which, in this higher water, is now back on form.

Tim S with his big 'un from Dunkery
On the upper beats the lower number caught was more than compensated for by the larger fish landed, notably a really good cock fish of 16lbs or more landed by Tim S at Dunkery Corner. We had another encounter with a really large salmon earlier this week in the same pool that eventually took a massive run down stream and straightened the hooks.

Peter D in Generator
With the water level now well up we have been able to re-position the boats back at their normal parking space by the camp which saves the stroll up to the top of the Island. There is not much rain in sight on the forecast and soon the river will start its normal steady drop and we may have to adopt our low water regime at some point. Not that that is any great hardship as I believe that many of the salmon pools at the Middle Camp fish better in really low water rather than in the in-between stage from normal to low.

Christopher Robinson