Friday 28 June 2013

Fathers and Sons

It is amazing what a change of just a few degrees in water temperature makes to salmon fishing, particularly at the extreme end of things. Although much cooler yesterday it was still pretty bright through the day and the water temperature refused to drop, at dinner last night it was still 20⁰C and I feared that we might have another really tricky session. Cloud cover and a cool wind slowly did the business and by midnight the water was down to 18⁰C and I just hoped that we would see bit more of action for a great group of guests who have really deserved reward. Our tally for the day rocketed from single figures to 27.

Tom with one of his five salmon last night
The two father and son teams, Malcolm and Tom and Rob and James had drawn the coveted high beat of Yovas, guides Anton and Daniel did another great job in squeezing the boats through to the top yet again and the four rods finished with a handsome score of 14 salmon. This takes the two Boys to level pegging with the Dads on salmon caught; the boys though are two ahead on pike, for while the dads sleep the boys never give up and borrow our spinning rod and pike popper during the day and are just maintaining a slender margin on the leader board.

James with another on the bank to keep the boys level pegging
Lower down the river Norman had a great time landing five salmon from Korevi down to Madonna, while Chris and Gerry worked really hard with Ivan and I around the island with no real result at first. Our hope, yet again, lay with the new hot spot at the tip of the island. Ivan took Chris to fish it from the east side while Gerry was on the Island with me. Chris quickly landed one and Ivan looked at me across the river to sort of say ‘Russia one, England nil’. My secret weapon, so carefully guarded, my one remaining Green Machine, I had lent to Tom last night so he could copy it and make his Yellow Submarine. Gerry looked downcast as we had pinned our hopes on that fly, but undaunted we tried a small green bomber and bingo – a cracking cock fish of 10lbs that had him straight onto the backing.

Chris hooked up
I have the one Green Machine left, Rob is holding his cards to his chest and we think he may have two, although he is accusing me of nicking his second last night. Anyway – it is all to play for in the fathers and sons stakes – my money is on the boys and I hope I have given them the edge and have lent Tom that precious Green Machine for tonight.

The Point of the Island this morning
It is cooler and cloudy this morning and we could go out today, but we will stick to the night fishing programme and then after a quick breakfast tomorrow will leave for Murmansk and home. The plane going home will be quiet I suspect, other than contented snores.

Christopher Robinson