Thursday 27 June 2013

The Boys Show the Way

I hope this is the last time I mention hot weather – another baking day yesterday and at dinner we all sweltered, outside it was still 30⁰C in the shade at 8 p.m.; while Maryke, Luda and Lara struggled in the kitchen where it reached 40⁰C. During dinner the wind kicked up and it started to cool down - by mid-night the wind had swung around to the north and this morning, finally, the air temperature is back down to normal levels and, as I type, it is 13⁰C.

Maryke, Sasha and Daniel preparing the pic-nics last night
We went out last night knowing in our hearts it would be tough going, despite the steady change in weather the water temperature was still 22⁰C. But adversity does not dull the enthusiasm of a youthful fisher and our two younger rods showed us that you should never give up.

Tom onto his first fish at the Point of The Island
Everyone fished hard but even Yovas with the streamy rapids did not produce much action. James W had two good salmon from Scotts which he rightly deserved having fished so well yesterday without result.

I joined Malcolm and Tom on the normally productive Generator but we could do no good with it despite trying everything from a deep Red Francis to a small skater. After a picnic at 2 a.m. we moved down to the new hot spot, the Point of The Island where the changes to the gravel bars after the big flood this year have altered the flow considerably.

Tom and Anton
Tom and I chose a Green Machine from my fly box, my last one and given to me two years ago by Ash M when fishing in Norway. Tom rose two fish almost immediately and further down hooked and landed a really strong cock fish of 10lb that had him well out into the backing on his single handed rod. Malcolm then had a go and landed a nice clean grilse, Tom went down again and had another nice grilse. A few more were risen but would not take hold. A magic hour for father and son and no one was more pleased for them than both Anton and I.

On return to the camp, Tom wanted to tie a Green Machine but with no green chartreuse for the body he settled on yellow, the fly will have its first outing tonight and Tom has named it the Yellow Submarine. I wish it luck.

Malcolm playing his fish with Anton at the net
After that we had breakfast, but as a celebration was in order there was a pretty eclectic mix of fluid taken with the bacon and eggs. Rob had asked Maryke to keep his dinner from last night so he could have 'dinner' not 'breakfast' after fishing. So while Rob had roast chicken followed by lemon sorbet, I had a fried egg 'easy over'. Quite bizzare. It was also agreed that the boys could have a gin and tonic to celebrate their success. I think our families back home may have to nurse us back into reality at the end of the week.

James and Tom
We still have rods out so I am not sure what the tally is for the night, we should be in double figures but not by much. In any event the boys took the day and well done to them.

Christopher Robinson