Sunday 25 May 2014

A new week

Last week can be summed up by a brilliant week at Middle, a very good final 3 days at Lower and a difficult week at Kitza.  Over 800 fish were landed to the 12 rods at Middle Varzuga with some extraordinary individual scores to the rods.   

They reported fish from pretty much all over the beat and this week looks set to continue.  The rods who are there now know the river as well as anyone and will fish it hard.  They had already landed 55 fish by 10pm last night which equated to about 5 hours of fishing so I suspect we could see some very high numbers reported from there.

Carolann M with a cracker from Jannaways
At Lower the fishing got better every day and on Friday we put 57 in the book, our best day by some margin.  Kitza improved all week and the final days tally was 24 which again was much their best day.

When we flew into Kitza last night it was noticeable how much clearer the river was and here at Lower it has dropped hugely over the past few days.  It is back to around the level at which it was before the big melt of last week and we now have all of our beats back in action. 
Anton and Tim I with one of the 85 he landed in his week
We got into camp quite late last night and everyone was pretty tired but Mark M was not to be deterred by such things and landed a fish from the Wires which was the first fish of the season from there as it has been too high to fish it until now.
Ivan and Mark B with his fetching pair of Marigolds....
It is very bright today but there is a really cold downstream wind so everyone has gone out in all of their layers.  Inevitably, everyone got into their waders as quickly as possible and it was only when the guide asked them for their licence did they realise that they had safely put it in their trouser pocket – much undressing later and the rods are now all on the river!

Charlie White