Friday 23 May 2014

A change in the weather

After 4 days of really hot weather with a very strong sun, yesterday afternoon saw it starting to cloud over and last night was quite cold.  It is what we have been praying for as it will help hold the water in the tundra and that was evident this morning as the water has dropped 5 inches.
Jeff G with one of 11 he landed yesterday
Kitza is also dropping away quickly and whilst still not perfect, they had a much better day yesterday and landed 14.  Not as many we would necessarily expect on the 22 May but it is good to see the numbers going the right way.  They had an early supper and went down to the White Sea where they spent 2 hours watching Beluga whales playing and feeding just off shore – a great sight and we were all rather jealous of them.

Jo landing his 10th of the morning
Middle continues to fish exceptionally well and they finished with 148 in the book.  The numbers were very evenly spread across the board but Jeremy B had one of his best days with 16 to his rod.  As ever, the home pools are firing on all cylinders and Generator accounted for 41 of those fish – truly an astonishing stretch of water.

At Lower we had our best day of the season so far and landed 41 fish to our 10 rods. Jo A and Jeff G did account for a large portion of those having had a bonanza at Jannaways and they landed 18 between them in their morning session. Jo, a Norwegian who has fished pretty much all over Norway, had to take a few moments to compose himself in the evening as he took in his days fishing – “what a place” is all we could really get out of him for 30 minutes.

Paul P with one landed just after lunch
Some of the rods went to the village in the evening to look around the church and to get an impression of what it must be to live up here, especially in the winter – tough was the overriding view.

As always seems to be the case, the end of the week has raced upon us and there will be no blog tomorrow as we fly up to Murmansk and meet our new guests.  Predictions are dangerous things up here but it does look as though they will have an excellent week with the river dropping in nicely and the numbers starting to build.
Charlie White