Friday 13 May 2016

Final day before our first clients arrive

The countdown now starts in earnest as we tidy the last remaining things before welcoming our first guests of the season.

Yesterday, Terry and Donna had a really good day setting up the camp at Middle.  Every year this gets slightly easier as the continuity in the Russian staff starts to pay dividends.  The guides had been up there since Tuesday and the camp looks in really good shape.

Vova, back at Middle for another season
Big Misha is there this year which we are delighted with as he has not been in the best of health and all of the other guides are there except Anton who has gone to join the military.

Looking down Generator Pool yesterday afternoon
We have been lucky this year as the weather has been perfect for setting up the programme.  Whilst we can cope with any set of circumstance, there is no denying that getting boats in the water, fixing engines, airing linen and generally sprucing the place up after the long winter, is far easier when you can get outside without getting soaked.

Karai enjoying the sun - he seems immune to the ageing process
Not that I expect anyone to believe us but we were too busy to go fishing yesterday.  However, one of my jobs today is to go down to the lunch spot here at Lower to take the tables and chairs for our al fresco picnics which we all enjoy every day.  Much as I will have things to do, I am definitely taking the rod.

Checking one of the boats in front of the dining room
The river and camp look in great order and we are looking forward to getting everyone on the water and enjoying what this place can offer.

More on Sunday when we will hope to be reporting bumper catches.

Bill Drury