Thursday 12 May 2016

Setting up going well

In our second day of setting up the camps things really started to come together. It takes a bit of time to move all the kit and supplies, this is done by boat and with the river clear of ice this year we have been able to crack on well. All the boxes and bags have to be lugged down to the boats from the village, moved to base camp and sorted out, then distributed to the various camps – it takes time, but with an experienced team here we are moving on ‘apace.

Glenn at work in Lower Camp
 The weather was pretty mild yesterday, sun and cloud, but really quite chilly in the wind this morning and Donna and Terry wrapped up warm for the 40 minute boat run up to Middle Camp. For those coming up to Varzuga the forecast we use is the Umba one, about 100 km west of here. It is not always spot on! – but at the least it gives an indication of trends. As always this far North please be prepared for really changeable weather.

Terry and Donna setting off for Middle Camp this morning
The river has dropped a couple of inches over the past 48 hours, a bit lower than we would normally expect in the first week, but this is good news for those coming out early. The fish are here and I popped out last night for 30 minutes or so and lost a couple before landing a real beauty of a silver, deep shouldered springer.
The first of many Spring Salmon to come
I hope Terry will get some photos of Middle today and if so I’ll post them tomorrow.
Bill Drury