Wednesday 18 May 2016

Lost fish

Yesterday was yet another day of bright skies, a strong upstream wind and plenty of action across both beats.  However, between us we contrived to lose a vast amount of fish which was really the feature of the day.
Neil C on Beach
Our final total at supper was 49 fish, a good score but when one rod told me he had lost 12 fish and another remarked that he could beat that, I realised that the scores in the book might not fully reflect the action we collectively had.

Jonathan B was our star performer with 9 fish from the Mall and Bear Island but apart from that everyone chipped in fairly equally.

Feoder with one of David H's fish
At Middle, the team of 10 rods finished with 33 salmon landed.  Not bad really but there is a feeling that despite the low water and the unusually warm start to the season, the fish are running as per the calendar rather than on conditions and there probably is not quite the head of fish up there yet.

Graeme Y on Bear Island
That looks likely to change as Bill Drury decided to see what he could do with a rod in his hand and landed 5 within 40 minutes from Green Bank last night (we don’t count fish caught by staff so they are not included in the above records) which led him to declare that the run was really starting in earnest.

An impressive double rainbow over the heli last night
A big storm rolled in during supper which dumped a good amount of rain in a short space of time but that was short lived and this morning we awoke to another very sunny day.  That has not stopped Ken L going out before breakfast and landing 4 fish from the Heli pool, as well as a very good sea trout, so we hope we have started the day as we mean to go on.

Charlie White