Friday 20 May 2016

Last day of the week

I am not sure how it works in a metaphysical sense but somehow the time here seems to race by and yet, it feels as if we have been here for ages.   Regardless, after a blisteringly hot week we are now into our final day and the team here are determined to make the most it.

The hot weather is beginning to affect some...
Yesterday saw a slight shift in the fortunes of the two camps that we are currently running and it was Middle Varzuga that definitely came out on top.  The 10 rods finished with 68 fish recorded and again it was Duncan and Kevin F who were leading the way – they landed 15 and 13 by the close of play which, unlike Headingly, was not ever going to be because of rain.

Again, the fish were running through the middle of the river and so those in boats or those that were comfortable wading and casting a good distance were the ones most likely to be successful.

Not the best photo but a lovely fish
Here at Lower we “picked away” to finish on 27 for the day.  Fish were landed in all of our beats but no one really had a bonanza.  The highlight of the day was undoubtedly a two to three year old bear that decided to treat us to a long viewing at lunch as it grubbed around for berries on the other side of the river.  Everyone took photos but the river there is sufficiently wide that all we can see from the millions of pictures is a brown blob that could well be a rock so they are not much good for the blog.

Jonathan B on Larder
It was yet another very hot day with an increasingly warm upstream wind and today offers more of the same.  It is amazing to consider that we have had a week where most people would tell you that the conditions were hopeless for salmon fishing and yet we have so far landed over 500 fish in 5 days of fishing.

The freshest sashimi you are likely to find - delicious last night
There will not be a blog tomorrow as we will leave here at around 7am to fly to Murmansk for the changeover and Saturday is always a busy day.  Normally the changeover day seems to herald a change in the conditions so no doubt all of next week we will be bemoaning how cold, wet and miserable the weather is, although that seems some way off at the moment.

Charlie White