Tuesday 30 May 2017

Happy Christmas!

I haven’t, yet, gone completely mad but this morning looks and feels like Christmas.  As we ate a delicious dinner last night it started to snow and someone joked that we would get 6 inches by the morning – it turns out that they were wrong, we had 7 inches of snow.

Lower Varzuga this morning
Quite extraordinary to think that it will be June tomorrow and perhaps sums up the most bizarre start to a season that any of us have seen.

The fish haven’t really kicked into gear yet and it was hard work across most of the camp yesterday.  It is possible that they are waiting for the river to warm up before leaving the White Sea but the truth is that none of us really know and we are just looking forward to the first major run of fish to hit us.

Igor with a fresh fish from Beach
At Lower, Phil B continued his run of winkling one out and Brad B joined him whereas at Kitza,
Bruce B and Phil L-J had a double hook up at First Island but apart from that it was slim pickings.

Middle, as is often the case, went against the trend and they had a great day of 61 fish.  Father and son team of David and Stephen C had 6 apiece from their session at Fortress in the afternoon and all of the other rods chipped in although Brian W and his fishing partner topped the scoring charts with 15 between them in the morning.

A winter wonderland
The fish haven’t got to Pana yet but the team up there are keen and no doubt they will head as far downstream today as they can.

There is no denying that it is beautiful here right now and it is actually very warm today so I would imagine that all of this snow will be gone by this evening but we could do with a few more fish to really get the season started in earnest.

Charlie White