Monday 29 May 2017

“Maybe tomorrow”

It seems that winter won’t let go just yet.  A really cold wind and some very heavy snow showers made fishing pretty tough and it was no surprise that a few called it off before the allotted guided time was over.

The mantra for the past three weeks has been “maybe tomorrow” as everyone here prayed for the ice to break, the river to clear, for guests to be in camp and now it seems for the main run of fish to arrive.

What we have all been waiting for
We did catch fish and at Lower Varzuga, Phil B and Will D landed 5 springers between them but it was hard going for everyone else.

At Kitza it was much the same with the metronomic Brendan G landing 3 of the 6 they had for the day.
Brothers in arms - Will and Rhod with a good fish from Jannaways
The team at Pana fished hard for the morning but with no luck chose to have an extended lunch with red wine to the fore.  The fish will reach them but we could do with the water temperatures to warm up a bit to get the whole system moving.

Care still needed when wading
At Middle Varzuga the very experienced team of 12 rods landed 37 fish for the day with one regular rod landing 14 of those.  Paul C landed a specimen springer of somewhere between 18-20lbs which put up the kind of fight you would expect from a solid bar of silver. 

Feorder and Michael G ready to go
A bear was seen on the island which is the first sighting of the season but whilst that is fun, what we all want is to see a few more fish and that the mantra can become “today”.

It is much warmer this morning and there is noticeably less ice coming down the river so things look promising.

Charlie White