Wednesday 16 May 2018

As we hoped

Yesterday was confirmation that this year is, as the Russians say about everything, “normal”.

A dropping river, fresh fish, conditions improving rapidly at Lower and a great day at Middle.

Rob T
The 11 rods at Middle Varzuga landed 95 fish for their day.  Seriously good fishing by any measure and when you learn that they all thought that they had lost more than they had landed, you know how much action they had throughout the day.

Simon R with a bar of silver
Gareth C was responsible for 14 of those, Andrew T had 13 and Simon R landed 11 from Fortress and Clark’s.

The river is falling pretty rapidly - probably about 2 feet at Lower yesterday – and it is warming up, currently it is 6 degrees but we have a really bright day today and I would expect it to be a touch higher by this evening.

Ken L on Beach at Lower
Tactics are being altered appropriately with tips of T-14/17 being replaced with T-6/10 and intermediates are coming into play.  A lot of fish were caught on shrimp type colours but dressed on 1-2 inch tubes.

Gareth C - you can really tell how well the fish have done at sea
At Lower we landed 10 fish.  Not a bonanza I know but such an improvement and it really feels as if we have a chance here now.  That was further backed up by Ken L going out before breakfast this morning and landing 1 before breakfast.  It still needs to drop off to open up more of the river to us but things are going the right way.

Jonathan B on Moscoi
A short blog today as we are jumping on the helicopter to fly to Kitza to take Ollie and Lucy over there to set up for the first clients of the season for that camp who will arrive on Saturday.

Charlie White