Thursday 17 May 2018

Kitza set up

Yesterday was very warm and very bright – perfect flying conditions if not quite so conducive to fishing.

We flew over to Kitza to start setting up the camp over there.  Loading up the helicopter looked as if we were trying to resupply Ikea and a huge supermarket.  Table cloths and cushions jostled for space with mustard and tomato ketchup alongside satellite phones, boat engine parts, vodka and bananas! 

Kitza camp
Somehow we got it all in and flew the short distance to see our old friends at Kitza.  We were treated to stunning views of the White Sea and when we landed, it was no surprise to see a very high river.  It will drop as quickly as it has here and Ura, the head guide, was unusually upbeat about our chances for the coming week.

Looking upstream from the camp
On returning back to Lower Varzuga it was encouraging to hear that they had been catching fish and a final score of 24 was very much the right direction we want to be heading in.  Richard M landed his first ever salmon on Tuesday and went on to land 6 more yesterday, a great effort.

Sergei and Ken L on Beach
Most of the fish were caught at the very bottom of our beat but Bill Drury wanted to see if some of the smaller “pots” where now producing and 3 fish in 20 minutes (not counted in the official scores) proved that there were fish all the way up to Bearlets. 

Andrew T on Generator
We are just beginning to see the “road” where the boats are tied up - this would usually be our high water mark to give those of you who know the beat some idea of how high it has been.

At Middle there was a very productive morning followed by a slightly slower afternoon, attributed to the very warm, still and bright conditions.  However, none of it can have been too slow as they put 66 fish in the book to their 11 rods. 

Rob T with one from Clarks
It was the usual suspects of Donald and Andrew who lead the charts but Hugh L and Brian M landed 7 and 6 respectively to keep them on their toes.  As Hugh had lost 10 yesterday, each one practically at the net, this was a welcome turnaround.

It is much more overcast today and things look good.

Charlie White