Thursday 7 June 2018

HMS Pizzed Up

As is tradition on Ian S’s birthday we set sail after supper last night on the HMS Pizzed Up for an hour or two of skating a fly and drinking a vodka.  The wind had died, the sun had briefly shone and a beautiful sunset was the backdrop to our endeavours. We tickled out of camp and down to the top of Party. Doug U was into a fish during the second drop and I had an offer on a sunk line. Neither held on. Then on the last drop as the river slides to the left Ian S hooked a birthday fish on a sunray shadow. Much red wine and vodka was consumed and some great tunes from DJ Doug capped off a marvellous birthday evening.
Beautiful evening for a Birthday Boat Ride
Back to the day’s fishing and we were again cold with heavy wind and the occasional shower. A few of our party took a well earned rest and as seems to be the norm now we had lunch by the fire back at camp. The morning air temperature was 7 degrees and a water temperature of 9. The river has risen by about 6” this week and has now levelled out. Whilst some are still fishing full floating lines and size 8 or 10 flies a few have had success with an intermediate tip or a slow sinking poly leader and small light tube flies. The story of the morning here at Middle was Jim R hooking and losing 4 fish. Everyone worked hard for their fish yesterday and Jim managed to keep 2 in the afternoon. Up river birthday boy Ian S landed 3 fish with Hugo M landing a respectable 4 fish including 2 over 12lbs.
Party time at Party pool
Ian H managed 5 for the day with another from Generator after supper. I thought it was a little odd that he was on the Fanta all night. There does not seem to be any one beat doing better than another with fish just caught here and there. Ian’s fish last night was a very fresh grilse giving us hope that there are still a few fish entering the system.
In the net for Ian's birthday fish
Down at Lower the wind and cold took it’s toll and they landed 6 fish. Pana had similar weather but with added sleet but they soldiered out for 17 fish for the team. Iain L got 6 for the day as well as a lovely 16lbs fish from Ponzoi. Dick B had 3 and Andrew D had 4. Jack M did not connect but he did take the afternoon off to teach Dima’s son Sasha to fish. Maybe future guide material?
Hold him up... and the fish
Kitza caught 20 fish with David W catching 4 as well as his grandson Dylan W B. There were a few fish caught up at Corner Pool and Ronan C had 5, 3 of which came from Gold Mine. Kitza water is still a little cooler than the main river and they are getting almost all fresh fish now. A very jolly team with lots of singing and partying.
Rude not to...
Today it is a little bit milder to start and the wind whilst fresh is not to heavy. With luck the milder conditions will give us a slightly easier day and a few more fish on the bank.

Jack Selby (Operations Manager)