Friday 8 June 2018

Steelhead Lessons, Varzuga Style

 Last night Hugo M took Ian H and Hugh M out for a lesson in casting for steelhead. They are booked to fish Skeena Salmon Lodge and wanted some pointers. I was expecting to find a very serious lesson going on but mainly they were just drinking vodka tonics and learning how to mend the line on a grand scale.

Steelhead lessons
Yesterday was milder with a lighter wind and the team were rewarded with some good fishing. Oddly Ian H and Hugh M, who normally lead the pack, had a tough day but Ian C caught 7 with 4 from Tiffinie’s. Jim R had hold of monster fish in Spring but sadly it took off down the fast water and they parted company. Ian S had a strong start considering the night before but did take a short siesta after lunch before fishing bear and catching a good sized fish in Generator. The fish had been previously hooked and broken and Ian S gained a free fly into the bargain. Doug U had some fun sport on Boundary with a number of fish showing and chasing his fly.

No lesson is complete without a V&T
Lower Varzuga fishing picked up again with 14 fish for the team. Whilst no signs show a big push of fish the fact Lower and Kitza are still seeing fresh fish is encouraging for our next weeks. Kitza caught 18 fish with Paul C catching 4. 3 of these fish came from Gold Mine. For those who know the Kitza Gold Mine is a stunning wade at the right height. Dylan WB had 3 including 2 from Spey bank. New to fishing, John M caught 3. One of his fish was a monster 7kgs and caught in Kitchen. Ollie reports that all the fish are beautifully fresh and strong healthy fish. Pana landed 19 fish for their team.

Lovely fish for Ian S

Ian S into another
Today the river has only dropped a quarter of an inch and is still sitting at 9 degrees. It’s slightly milder today and the sun has been sneaking out as I type. There is a much more gentle downstream wind. I’m hoping the upper river will perform today with a more even spread for the 4 rods than yesterday. The river up above Clarks corner is truly stunning and whilst the fishing has been mixed in terms of success it always provides excellent wading and lovely fly water.

Doug U into one on a tricky wade
Tomorrow is change over day so no blog. I will update on today and tomorrow’s news on Sunday morning. The key message to those coming out is “Layers”. The weather has never failed to surprise us these last two weeks.

Jack Selby