Monday 27 May 2019

A rapid start

Yesterday was the first full day of the week and it has to said, that this week has continued pretty much as we finished the last but if anything, the fishing is slightly more productive.

We have so far landed over 400 fish since we got off our respective helicopters on Saturday afternoon with some remarkable catches being reported.
Guide Artyom at Middle
Here at Lower Varzuga, our 10 rods have accounted for 159 fish but it is only fair to point out that Brendan G has had 45 of those.  The man is a machine and is on the river at all hours of the day.  We managed to drag him in for supper last night but as soon as his white chocolate cheesecake had been polished off, it was waders back on…

Michael G with one of 15 he landed yesterday
Michael G and Jamie K had a day to remember by landing 35 between them in their guided sessions.  It was not long before large gin and tonics were being poured which probably accounts for me being a bit late with the blog this morning!  Our brilliant cook Claire also went out yesterday, with Bill as her guide and landed her first ever salmon – and then two more.  A great afternoon and one we celebrated.

Claire with her first ever salmon
At Kitza, our new Spanish team had 43 fish to their 6 rods.  Three of them have taken two rods each so that they can fish a private beat and have their own guide but it was Alexander G, fishing with his friend Nicolas, who landed 9 fish to make him top rod for the day.  Hamish is going to try fishing up to Chopper Island this morning as he had a quick flick up there yesterday and landed fish which is encouraging as the upper part of that beat is just beautiful.

Typical - over 400 salmon and all anyone can talk about is a pike...!
There was a very good start at Pana where the 7 rods landed 12 fish.  With the big numbers in the other camps this sounds slow but their fishing will just build and build.   This is the earliest date that the opening week will start for some time as next year is the rebasing year for all of our fishing and to land fish half way up the beat (White Rock) on the first day was very encouraging.

A happy Maurice Mc B on East Generator
Middle is fishing very well and the 12 experienced rods have so far put 188 in the book.  Chris C had 21 of those with 9 from East Generator whilst Maurice McB and Paul C had 15 apiece.  This team fishes hard and I know that on top of these figures, 28 fish were landed before breakfast this morning.  I am going up to supper there tonight and the one thing Jack has asked me to take is more score sheets as he is going through them rapidly - never a bad sign.

Charlie White