Thursday 30 May 2019


Yesterday was a very odd day weather wise and it seemed to put the fish off a bit.  It was really muggy in the morning and I was worried that, at some point, we were going to have to take rods off the river because of lightening.  
David M who is roughly 10 feet tall so this fish must be pushing 30lbs....
We saw forked lightening over the White Sea but fortunately it never got any closer.  Instead, at about 3pm the storm finally broke and it poured with rain until about midnight - all 4 camp managers reported a slow morning followed by a much more productive afternoon.

Josep - happy in the driving rain
At Pana the 7 rods had 37 fish for the day and Matt reported a very contented team who are enjoying the utter solitude that Pana offers.  With just 4 weeks in our season up there, the chance to fish Pana is quite rare and this team are loving every moment.

Middle Varzuga finished with 82 to the team but quite a few rods took either the morning or the afternoon off.  They have been fishing long sessions and it seems to have finally caught up with a few.
Nicolas EC on Beach
At Lower, our fantastic team of 6 put 18 fish in the book.  There were very few fish caught in the morning so it was good to get them all into some in the afternoon.  The switch from the intimate Kitza to the much larger Varzuga has caught a few of them out and Bill was busy dispensing advice on the river.

Alexandre G with a small but fat grilse
Kitza marches on unperturbed by weather, water height or temperature.  A further 72 were landed yesterday with our Norwegian team of Jo and Henning having a superb session on 2nd Island in the afternoon.  They lost count of the number of fish they hooked and played by but the guide confirmed that they had landed 19 between them.

Nicolas with one from the boat
It has dawned very bright this morning with a cold wind which is much more as we are used to so we hope for a return to the norm – if there is such a thing up here!

Charlie White