Monday 20 May 2019

Kitza kicks in

Shakespeare wrote that “pleasure and action make the hours seem short” – which would account for why yesterday seemed to fairly fly by.

Father and son making a formidable team
An excellent day across our three camps made for hectic fishing and dinner last night was pretty noisy and a lot of fun.

Joan G with one of 14 she landed yesterday
Our 9 rods here finished with 112 fish in the book which was a superb start to the week.  Michael E was top rod with 26 fish while Sue C and Joan G had their best day here with 14 apiece.  Sue and Joan were fishing the Larder pool in the morning which is opposite my office and every time I looked up from my computer I saw one or both of them into a fish.

Tony B at Middle
That everyone said they had lost twice as many as they landed will tell you all you need to know about the action throughout the day.  Again, our bottom pool of Beach was very productive and more and more fish are coming into the beat.

Michael E who landed 26 fish yesterday
Kitza had its first full day of fishing and we had a cracking start to their season.  72 fish to the 8 rods was an excellent result and Hamish reported a very happy camp.  We are communicating via satellite phone as, for some reason, the local service provider at Kitza seems to have simply packed in so details on catches are sketchy but even across a staccato line, it was clear that everyone was very upbeat.

Caspar A on his first salmon fishing trip
Middle had another very good day with 83 fish landed to their 11 rods.  One rod had 29 of those whilst Craig C and Jeremy B landed 12 each.  Jack reported bursts of action and then quieter moments which we have seen before when the run is building and my guess is that Lower’s days of superior numbers over Middle are probably not for the long term.

Pleasure and action....
It remains very cold and the water temperature is still only 7 degrees so sink tips and tubes are the way to go at the moment.  It is a bright morning though and I have told the rods who are fishing the pools nearest camp this morning that they may well see a poacher – it will be me.

Charlie White