Tuesday 21 May 2019

Lower rules

As we know, fishing is not all about the numbers – until it is.  There is a gentle rivalry between the camps and yesterday it was Lower’s turn to shine.

Caspar A on Beach
At lunchtime it looked as though we were on for another 100 fish day and that became the focus – so much so that it almost felt like a disappointing day when we only counted 95 in the book last night.

Bill in the sun on Lower Mall
Michael E was again our star turn with 24 fish to his rod while Joan G had one of her best afternoons on the river to have 11 fish after lunch and Caspar A, fishing for salmon for the first time, landed 10.
There were salmon all over the beat but it was very much all action or quiet – they are running in pods and seem to be running very hard.

Gert B on Larder
As a result, I had rather expected Jack at Middle to struggle to count up all of the fish that they had landed but that was not really the case.  49 fish to 11 rods is not exactly a poor days fishing but it was not quite the result I would have predicted.

Craig C on Party pool at Middle
Over at Kitza the 8 rods had another superb day and landed 60 fish.  Paul P and Sean McG were the top rods with 14 and 19 respectively but it sounded as if everything else was evenly spread.  They are fishing up to Third Island and there do seem to be fish in all of the beats that they have tried so far.

Joe B with one from the boat
A shorter blog today as I can already hear the guides helping to load all of the Pana supplies.  We will fly up there today to let Matt and Beany get the camp ready for their first guests who will arrive on Saturday.  This evening we will be doing the mid-weekly changeover of Lower and Kitza clients so it looks like being a busy day on the helicopter

Charlie White