Wednesday 12 June 2019

Still running

This morning I had a very unexpected conversation with Howard E. We were mulling over the chances of having to fish with sinking tips by the end of the week. That is the extent to which the weather has changed. We now have 6 degree air temperature and 12 degree water temperature. The river has not dropped or risen due to just enough rain to hold it level. However the wind has been howling for 3 days. Quite a difference from the 27 degree heat we arrived to on Saturday.
And release
Despite the weather the fish are still running. As you look out across generator you see waves of running fish bouncing about. And all beats have been very productive. Howard E has had some lovely day's fishing with cracking catch rates. It helps to have a Guideline representative in camp too. Having said that Diego R and his father Emilio have also been a big part of the action. We have been catching between 55 and 65 fish per day for the start of the week. Not bad at all with 7 rods fishing.
Excellent supper of baked salmon and pickled beetroot
Kitza camp have a team of regulars in camp and they are going great guns catching between 44 and 62 per day. All beats are fishing well and Hamish reports that mood in camp is very jolly. Everyone is missing Richard G who sadly was unable to travel. There is always next year Richard.
Henry Crawford at Bear yesterday
Up river at Pana fishing has been good with an impressive number of bigger fish being caught. They are landing between 61 and 74 fish per day to 8 rods. Yesterday there were 10 fish caught on the Indel and fishing with bombers was successful despite the hateful wind and rain. David M and Guy G had 19 between them on the ever popular float trip.
Holly shows Henry how to do it
Like last week my advise is come prepared. I'm told it was snowing in Murmansk yesterday and it's really very cold here with added wind chill. It's perfectly possible that we get 27 degree heat again next week but bringing layers and sinking tips will cover you for any eventuality. Judging by the wind so far this week a compact skagit would be an excellent item to have in your packing. Just in Case.
Vova - Super Guide
Next report on Sunday from Pana to round out the week.

Jack Selby