Thursday 27 May 2010

The floating line is 'in'

Another bright and windy day. Quite cool to start with, I spoke to Aaron up at Pana this morning and his air temperature was 2°C but he said it felt like -4°C in the wind. All the boats are ready to go, the camp looks spotless and he and Kate await their first guests of the season on Saturday.

Martin W with a nice one from Heli Pool

Down river here at the Lower Camp the water temperature was 8.5°C at the start of the day rising to 11°C by this evening, quite cold this evening so I expect it will drop back again. The water is dropping more slowly now, Sharks Tooth Rock appeared yesterday morning and is now about 4” out. It was a tricky day again, with pods of fish coming through fairly fast making for an element of luck in being at the right place at the right time. Kitza had 18, we had 14 and Garth at Middle reckons they had about 50 – as always some of them were still out.

Straight from the sea - Steven H at Bear Island

The rods commented on the number of plucks, pulls and gentle takes they had today. I went out late afternoon to The Wires to see how it would perform with a floating line and a Sunray, I soon got two fish that took really aggressively on the surface. I then switched to a small brass tube, fished slowly and had a dozen or so gentle bumps, two hung on for a second or two only. I’m not sure if it because of this high pressure system sitting right over us, in any case I’d rather it went away. I was really pleased that the Sunray on the surface worked well, normlly we do not go over to floating lines for another week or so. I think most in Lower camp will try floaters tomorrow.

The weather often changes with the arrival of the new groups on Saturday – guys can you bring some rain please?

Christopher Robinson