Wednesday 26 May 2010

A Tough Day

A very bright sun all day and a strong, cold NE wind. If you found shelter from the gale it was quite pleasant in the sun; in the wind it was distinctly cold and the casting was quite a trial.

It was a day of patchy fishing, there were fish running through quite fast in pods and if you hit them you could make hay. We are beyond the half way point in the week and down here at Lower Camp, a number of rods just relaxed out of the wind and took a bit of time to soak up the tundra atmosphere.

David W with a fresh fish from the Lower Camp

I went up to Middle last night with our mechanic Keith to look at one of the boat engines and to deliver supplies. We saw far more fish running than we did two days ago, but the results did not reflect this. The Middle team had landed around 50 for the day, poor by their standards in this week, but they are a very experienced team and know that days like this can happen. We have to remind ourselves that 50 fish to 12 rods is not exactly bad fishing!

I missed the evening radio call as we were boating up river at the time, but I gather Kitza had another 25 or so and Lower had 18 to the six rods. More tomorrow when I hope this wind will have dropped.

Christopher Robinson