Saturday 29 May 2010

A New Week Starts

Old Kola hands know that Murmansk airport can take hours to get through. We used our new system again today had the Lower Varzuga guests here in camp by 3.50 p.m. Just four hours after the charter landed. Thank you Olga, Dima and Leonid! – your efforts were much appreciated.

Dan R with one on this evening

Thereafter routines differed somewhat – the Middle Camp rods rushed to the river and when I spoke to Donna at 8.30 she was still missing a few for dinner. It is glorious evening here at Lower, Jessie and Jenna decided that an early supper at six would be a good idea with fishing after, seldom have I seen three delicious courses go down so fast. They were on the river by 8 p.m.

I heard briefly from Pana and Kitza, enough to know that the rods were out fishing and that fish were being caught. Middle seem to have done fairly well this evening and on Lower Jessie was confident that they were all into fish. I popped down quickly to see Dan R in action in Heli Pool.

A busy day today, I’ll catch up with all the camps in the morning and give you a fuller update.

Christopher Robinson