Tuesday 1 June 2010

Case Dismissed

The wind picked up again today, a really nasty blow from mid-morning until we came in at six; it was from the North so at least it was downstream which was a partial blessing. Very bright. Not the easiest of days, although this evening was again sublime, clear and great fishing after dinner for those with the stamina to give it a go.

Will T T 'hooked up' today at Lower Camp

I took Dave out this afternoon to guide him through the tail of Green Bank at the Lower Camp. The rule I like when I go off on adventures is floating line and skaters only (I had to break it last night with Julian P and it still haunts me!). We fished hard – nothing happened for two hours other than Dave lost a really serious fish that made a great explosion on the take. He blamed me (the guide) for the total failure; I blamed the weather. Back in camp I printed the barometric graph which showed that the pressure had been rising fast all afternoon. Case proven I thought and no blame could be attached to the guide. Jessie then appeared and he had caught five fishing down behind us using an intermediate tip and a Jessie Special cone head. Case dismissed, this guide in trouble.

Kitza Camp as we came in this evening

There was a degree of nervousness (i.e. another theory) expressed with apparent authority a week ago that the warm, high water this spring might have ‘sucked’ all the spring salmon through early. Last week’s 48 hour blip in catches merely compounded the evidence. I hope, after 19 years, that I have a fairly good eye for the river; the locals of course are much closer to it than I. The warmer weather certainly allowed the autumn fish that over-winter under the ice to move on earlier but the main run is on time with fish splashing through here continuously at the moment. Case dismissed and the run is now in full swing.

A good day on Middle I hear with over 70 or more, as usual most were still out this evening. Kitza did well, they went way up river above Goldmine to Rock Pool and Heli Island and landed 37 to their five rods.

Kitza Camp Pool at 7.30 p.m. today

Pana had 42, with three in the ‘teens’ and on Lower the party of 7 rods had 35 before moving over to Kitza this evening for their three days over there. Water levels are steady after rain storms last night, temperatures too are steady at 10°C on Varzuga and 8°C on Kitza.

Off to read my ‘How to be a Better Guide’ book.

Christopher Robinson