Thursday 3 June 2010

Rain on the way

We seem to have settled down to pretty consistent catches – the river is remarkably steady at the moment despite three days of sun. The water level has hardly moved, nor has the temperature which remains in the 9°C – 11°C range. Kitza remains steady also, the water temperature there at 8°C for the past week or so.

We had another really bright day, a bit more wind unfortunately which troubled some fishers. Late afternoon it clouded over and this evening we have rain. The guides reckon we should get a few days of damp weather, the forecast looks this way too. None of us want too much rain, just enough to hold us up at this level for a few more weeks – asking too much I suspect!

Jessie with Jeff - trying to winkle one out of the run into Heli Pool this morning

Like yesterday the fishing was a bit patchy, good results but not always evenly spread. Pana had 21, down on yesterday which was a surprise. They fished more upstream today, and it seems the fish are still mainly below Camp. Kitza too had the same experience, Sasha’s Pool, below camp, produced really well today, and the upper beats did less well. They had between 30 – 35 for their seven rods – most still out when I spoke to them.

Brian C with one on at Moscoi

Middle camp confirmed that they had 66 yesterday (12 rods). Garth reckoned that they would be around the same today. Here on Lower we still have a couple of keen fishers out in the rain and I guess the five rods will account for around 25 – 30 for the day – very similar to yesterday. We are still seeing some excellent fish being banked. Pana again had three over 12lbs. Below is a photo of a really fit 15lber caught in Coconut Corner here at lower Camp this afternoon.

A very fit 15lber from Lower this afternoon

A consistent couple of days fishing despite the sun and wind. The rain is on its way, possibly bringing better fishing conditions, but we will miss the stunning blues of the river and the back light on the translucent green birch leaves that the sun illuminated so magnificently.

Christopher Robinson