Saturday 5 June 2010

Saturday evening update

Blimey, where did those two weeks go? Well, if you were here, it involved just under 2,000 fish landed to 58 rods so I have a slight feeling that I may have been in the wrong place ...

It is great to be back and thanks to Christopher for running things so smoothly. After a relatively pain free journey through Murmansk (did I actually see a customs officer smile at me ..? Surely not) we got to camp by about 5:30 pm to find the river lower than when I left it but not as low as we have known it in the past on the 5th June.

A happy team at Lower this evening

It has been raining quite hard and the river rose today by a couple of inches which should freshen things up a bit and give new impetus to the runs of fish.

I hear on the radio that Barrie W has been out for about 20 minutes and landed his first fish outside of Pana camp and is now retiring to champagne cocktails - not a bad way to start the week.

Here at Lower we had an excellent early dinner and all the rods are now going to give it a try before retiring.

More tomorrow when it will be interesting to see what effect all of this rain has had in the upper reaches as it will take some time to filter its way down here.

Charlie White