Wednesday 25 May 2011

Changeover day

Yesterday we flew from here at Lower Varzuga to go over to Kitza camp. We took Michael E and his team to swap over with the guys who have been at Kitza for the first half of the week.

The "bumblebee" landing at Lower
We flew at 7pm after a full days fishing and it was a very good day at Lower camp with 42 fish landed to the four rods. Phil W was at the top of the tree with 17 fish to his rod plus another 8 fish lost after playing them for a long time – the Posh Tosh proving deadly. Joan G had her best day yet when landing 8 and whilst Michael E has caught a lot of fish; his stand out moment was when a capercaillie flew straight over his head.

Team Kitza had a better day with 12 fish to the four rods. Peter S had a cracking 15lbs fish from Deluxe pool and Robert H went from landing his first fish on Monday to landing 3 more in the morning.

Upstream from Kitza camp last night

Middle Varzuga had 87 to their 12 guests with Peter W taking 18 to his rod. It was warm yesterday and the water temperature got up to around 12 degrees C by 4pm - John R took advantage of this to have the first fish of the season on a skated bomber.

Back here at Lower, Ivan B went out for an hour or so last night and took 2 fish out of Heli pool and David F has done exactly the same thing this morning before breakfast so I hope they will have a good day.

Joan G and Feoder with one of her 8 fish yesterday
I am flying to Pana camp today with James and Kate, the manager and cook and I will post some pictures tomorrow of the camp and the river to give an idea of how it is looking up there.

Charlie White