Monday 23 May 2011

Superb start to the week

Generally a week up here starts with everyone tentatively remembering what they did last year and to take a day or two to get the casting up to the standards they would hope – not this week it would seem.

After heavy rain in the morning and lunch back at camp, the afternoon was glorious with bright sunshine and a soft downstream breeze. With the water temperature going up to 9 degrees there was a temptation to go to full floaters but the general consensus was that, whilst that might work, sink tips would probably be more productive – and so it proved.

Michael E into a fish from the bottom of Heli pool
Phil W led the way here with 13 fish for the day and Michael E was close behind on 11 with all beats producing fish although Moskoi Rapids was strangely quiet in the afternoon. We finished with 33 for the day to our four rods as well as 6 fish that were caught on Saturday evening just after we arrived.

Phil W with one of his fish from the Wires
Jesse took Anna, our invaluable helper here in camp, onto the river for the first time last night and within an hour she returned triumphant – a pretty good fish with which to start your fishing career!

Anna with her first salmon
At Kitza 15 fish were landed to the four rods and with all of them new to the beat I expect the numbers to climb as they learn the river throughout their stay.

The day at Middle was quite simply outstanding. 11 rods are fishing with Brian Fratel acting as a floating guide and general mine of information. They had 179 fish between them along with 39 caught on the first evening. It is difficult to pick on individual numbers but I understand that every rod caught more than 10 fish and that all of the beats were remarkably productive. I am going up there this evening and will learn more but we can only hope for more of the same.

Losha, a guide at Lower, ready for action this morning
This morning is quite cold and overcast but all of the rods have gone out with quite a spring in their step - long may it continue

Charlie White