Thursday 9 June 2011

Heat wave on the Kola

The good news is that we now have power as the mains supply has been reconnected and everything is working as we would hope. The bad news is that we are experiencing a major heat wave. This has affected the fishing but, as ever with this river, we can still find fish even if we should really be sunbathing. We reached a temperature of 28 degrees yesterday and the water is at 14 degrees Celsius this morning -long leaders and small flies will be the advice today.

The team at Middle Varzuga had 75 fish yesterday to their 12 rods. Hugo M was the star turn with 15 fish for the day whilst James MacP had 6 from Bear in just under an hour between 6-7pm. If this weather continues they are going to have an early supper today and fish into the night as the temperature drops.

Paul Young about to land a fish from Green Bank
Here at Lower such ideas are firmly frowned upon and fishing after dinner is strictly for staff only. We had 9 fish to the 3 rods yesterday and Colin S took a lovely fish of around 12lbs from the bottom of Heli pool. With Paul Young keeping us all amused with his stories of filming Hooked on Fishing it has been great fun but it would be nice to see a bit of cloud cover to help us.

At Kitza all of the seven rods caught fish and they totalled 25 for the day – as ever Kitza can cope with these sort of conditions rather better than most.

Colin S after landing his 12lber
On the other hand Pana had a shower of rain yesterday which just demonstrates why I don’t particularly trust the weather reports in this part of the world. Pana is only 80 miles north of us but experiences its own weather patterns. They finished with 49 for the day whilst their final score for the day before was 54 fish. Jack M is demonstrating his knowledge of the river and had 15 fish to his own rod yesterday. Many thanks to our Spanish friends who have emailed me some pictures of their stay at Pana last week.

A nice one from Pana last week
It is another “El Scorchio” today and I was rudely awakened this morning by a blistering sun filtering through my bedroom window. It does mean that the river, the trees and the flowers look quite beautiful but as of today I would probably trade the view for some cloud cover.

Charlie White